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Flitaa Review: Buy, Sell Crypto and withdraw in Nigeria

Flitaa Review

Have been stuck in selling your crypto currency due to the recent update made by the central bank of Nigeria in dealing with crypto? here is good news, am going to be written on flitaa review where I will show you. You should also read about how to open Paypal account in Nigeria that Send, Receives, and withdraw to local Bank Account in my previous post.

After CBN ban banks from trading with crypto, Lots of crypto platforms switch to peer to peer to buy and sell in Nigeria but it’s still not secure, and it’s not 100% safe.
With Flitaa, you will be able to buy and trade without the need for peers. You buy and sell as you wish without hassles, right here in Nigeria, and even withdraw your payment to your Nigeria bank account.

flitaa dashboard
this my flitaa dashboard

The Flitaa platform has launched to help Nigerians buy and sell crypto without issues.
Sign up for free using in Flitaa site

Benefit of using Flitaa Platform

  • You can deposit cash or crypto with multiple payment options — Card, bank e.t.c
  • Send, receive, buy, sell and swap between cryptos and cash.
  • Buy, sell & trade Multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy crypto as low as ₦ 500
  • Swap between crypto. e.g Bitcoin to Ripple.
  • Earn free Bitcoin for life by inviting friends when you sign up here
  • Flitaa offers you the most beginner-friendly experience you can find.
  • It’s built with the latest technologies and best practices to deliver a fast crypto user experience.

Go ahead now and click here and sign up immediately and begin your awesome journey in cryptocurrency trading and buying.

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Once you join, you will need to verify your phone number to upgrade your account.

after i verified my phone number

If you want to deposit or withdraw earnings on flitaa, they will verify your bank detail, make sure you use your real name to register your flitaa account

flitaa upgrade
flitaa verify
verifing bank

For any challenges or Questions comment here, i will be glad to help out.

2 thoughts on “Flitaa Review: Buy, Sell Crypto and withdraw in Nigeria”

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  2. Thanks for sharing this but I would love to read a step-by-step guide on how to sell cryptos on Flitaa, most of the posts I’ve come across only talks about how to register and buy, none shows how to sell. Thank you!

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