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The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: [know All 7 more High sale]

best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Finding the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll encounter when starting your affiliate marketing career.

If you’re just starting out, you might be wondering what types of best affiliate marketing programs for beginners you can use to make some serious cash. You can also check our previous post on how you can create a verified Paypal account in Nigeria.

Perhaps you want to diversify your income streams for a content site that relies on display advertising, or you want to monetize your blog content. There’s a good chance that no matter what industry or niche you choose, an affiliate platform will meet your needs.

So you’ve made the decision to venture into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing. That’s fantastic!

Join thousands of other affiliate marketers to increase your knowledge, whether you are a beginner, an expert in affiliate marketing, or freelancing on our Telegram channel, we share tips and also assist in growing your interest.

There are thousands of high-paying affiliate programs to select from after all.

Choosing the wrong affiliate marketing program could hold you back months, whilst choosing the perfect one could result in you earning your first affiliate bucks before your site is even “completed.”

Because this is a frequently requested subject, we’ve decided to spend this blog article looking at the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

We’ll also aim to provide you with a more balanced perspective on why joining affiliate networks makes more sense than joining an in-house affiliate program, and vice versa.

Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

But first, you need to know What is Affiliate Marketing Program? and how Affiliate Marketing Programs work.


What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

What is Affiliate Marketing Program

In today’s marketing world, the term “affiliate marketing” is well-known. But, first and foremost, what is Affiliate Marketing program?

An affiliate marketing program is a method of advertising a product or service in exchange for a fee. Before you can earn commissions, you must first generate sales. You will act as a link between potential customers and the business owner in affiliate marketing.

It is a business approach in which an individual or a corporation earns a lot of money by pushing readers and visitors to a product or service. Even if you don’t have a website, you can start affiliate marketing as an individual.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of advertising relevant products to your target audience while receiving a commission for each sale you suggest. Depending on the affiliate marketing program, you can earn anywhere from 5% to 50%.

You’ll be given a unique link once you’ve been accepted into an affiliate marketing program. You promote a link to this page on your website or on social media. One of your real followers is sold and makes a purchase after clicking through.

A portion of the sale goes to you. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Being successful, on the other hand, isn’t that easy.

The most successful affiliate marketers (those who make the most money) promote high-quality products that they are familiar with and enjoy. 

You don’t want your readers to think you’re snobby, do you? Obviously not. That is why it is critical to promote just the best of the best products.

But, because not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal, I’ve compiled a list of the best to get you started.

However, these affiliate networks are complicated insights that do far more than assist merchants and affiliate networks behind the scenes. They also give both parties certain extremely important services.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work?

How Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work?

Consider how much data is transmitted between an affiliate and a merchant when implementing affiliate marketing. Someone must keep track of each and every action performed by the thousands of clients that a single affiliate can possibly bring in.

When you consider the thousands of affiliate marketers who work with the merchants on the platform, you can realize just how important these affiliate marketing programs are.

Affiliate marketing programs, for example, can assist in tracking:

  • How many individuals are exposed to a banner ad?
  • How many people really make a purchase?
  • How many times a link in an ad or on a website is clicked 
  • How many times a link in an ad or on a website is clicked 
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Consider what would happen if these data points were not tracked. Affiliates would have a difficult time getting paid, and merchants could be duped by affiliates who provide fraudulent results.

Affiliate programs have their work cut out for them when it comes to creating relationships and tracking the entire affiliate marketing process. It makes all the difference in the world when a program performs a decent job, though.

Most affiliate networks charge a commission for each action taken in exchange for their services. It allows them to keep their platforms free to use while also providing you with a better option to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Have you ever considered withdrawing funds from your affiliate programs but were unsure how to go about it? If that’s the case, you’ll discover three different methods on how to withdraw affiliate program earnings from your numerous affiliate programs.

Now that you have some idea of how affiliate marketing programs work, let’s go through some of the best affiliate marketing programs to make money and show you how to get started with each.

How Do You Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for beginners?

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for beginners

When it comes to choosing the best affiliate program to start with, there are a few things to consider. You should investigate each program’s offers, the niches it serves, and the quality of both its digital and physical products. You should consider whether or not you want to devote time and effort to promote these products on your website and through social media.

Another factor to consider while choosing the best affiliate programs for beginners is the convenience of usage. Read evaluations to see how other affiliates feel about the programs’ dashboards, how much help they provide, and what software as a service (SaaS) tools they provide for those who don’t have tech or web development experience.

If you don’t know how to develop a WordPress website, send emails, create lead pages, or even use plugins, you might want to look for a company that can do it for you. Only consider programs that benefit both them and you by allowing you to join their network. You might want to look into another program if you observe affiliates grumbling about the lack of real-time help or how tough it was to get started.

The affiliate marketing program you choose should also have a thorough reward system for its affiliates that is clearly written. If you see reports regarding affiliate commissions not being paid on time, payouts not being completed, problems with PayPal payments, or anything similar, you’ll probably be better off choosing a network that truly pays you for your efforts.

When deciding on the best fit, take into account how many businesses an affiliate network or program currently has. If there aren’t many successful affiliates marketing and selling the product, it’s probably best to look for something that is at least making money for others. After all, why would you devote time and resources to advertising something that has plainly limited economic potential?

Now that you know what to search for depending on your personal and professional objectives, let’s look at the distinctions between the various affiliate business structures.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

  1. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  3. CJ-Commission Junction Affiliate Program
  4. Impact Affiliate Program
  5. ShareASale Affiliate Program
  6. ClickBank Affiliate Program
  7. Sendinblue Affiliate Program
  8. Refersion Marketplace

Affiliate Networks and In-House Merchant Programs: What’s the Difference?

The distinction between in-house affiliate marketing programs (merchants) and affiliate networks is the first mental barrier to overcome.

Some beginners think these terms are interchangeable, but they aren’t.

When you’re initially starting out, there are two sorts of affiliate models to consider: in-house merchant affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

In-House Merchant Affiliate Programs

This includes Amazon’s affiliate program, which is run entirely under the company’s partner program. Other in-house merchant programs exist, but Amazon is by far the most popular. The network (in this case, Amazon) runs its own affiliate software (either custom-developed or off the shelf) and pays referral commissions to its affiliates using a dashboard they put up.

Affiliate Network

You deliver traffic directly to the network’s offer under this approach, whether it’s a landing page or a form submission. The network will advise you on how to promote the affiliate offer (typically within the confines of a clear marketing policy), and some will even provide marketing content that your company can use to boost conversions and establish trust.

These networks will actively seek out new affiliates in order to expand the reach of their product, and they will frequently employ an affiliate manager in charge of the entire program. This is a fantastic chance for business owners who want to promote a new product because these networks will manage the affiliates (in this case, you), allowing the firm making the offer to focus on other aspects of the business. What exactly are the best affiliate programs for those just getting ready to set sail now that you have a better idea of what affiliate marketing is, are familiar with the various models to select from, and know which niche you want to set out for?

Assume you create an authoritative site for outdoor recreational equipment, marketing products such as trampolines, water slides, lawn activities, and so on.

You’d then have the option of joining a few (or dozens!) of different affiliate marketing programs for various manufacturers and providers.

Alternatively, you might just join a network that will connect you with the bulk of the product suppliers with whom you want to collaborate.

For someone new to affiliate marketing, the best course of action is to join affiliate networks and work their way up from there.

Affiliate networks, on the other hand, aren’t a panacea.

In reality, several affiliate programs exist solely outside of affiliate networks, requiring you to join up for them separately.

My favorite example of this was when I was first starting out as an affiliate marketer, and I was selling replica lightsabres.

True story: I used to sell toy lightsabres and made a lot of money.

Master Replicas was the firm behind them, and they had a fantastic affiliate program. Because they “owned” the prop and replica lightsabre market at the time, I had to join up directly with them. You might want to check my previous article on how WhatsApp Marketing helps you increase your sales.

Years later, they switched to an affiliate network, but the payouts were reduced, the terms were terrible, and I eventually let the affiliate site die of heartbreak…

As well as broken affiliate links

As a result, we’ll take a look at both sides of the equation.

The best and most popular affiliate networks, and a variety of diversified and sufficiently generic affiliate programs so they can apply to a wide range of audiences.

What are the Qualities of a Good Affiliate Marketing Program?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s usually a good idea to seek advice before making a decision. Always do your homework before buying a product, service, or company. It will help you earn greater commission rates through affiliate marketing if you gather some information.

Here are some of the good qualities of affiliate marketing programs for beginners are as follows:

Ease Of Use

Make things as simple as possible for yourself when you’re initially starting out in affiliate marketing.

Signing up for affiliate programs that not only make sense but also have superb management and design is one of them.

After all, the last thing you want to deal with is an affiliate program with a horribly designed user interface.

Creating affiliate links or uploading a banner can be a nightmare as a result of this.

I’ve been that soldier, sobbing over my computer because the geniuses behind a particular affiliate program developed an interface so complicated that only professionals and experts use the site easily.

Affiliate networks are less likely to have this issue because their purpose is to make affiliate marketing as simple as possible.

Because if you aren’t producing money (i.e. passive income), they aren’t either — and neither are their clients.

That being said, there are just as many in-house affiliate programs that resemble the Sistine Chapel in terms of affiliate marketing.

However, we want to emphasize that ease of use should be a decisive element in any affiliate program you choose.

When you have a little more skin in the game, it won’t be as big of an issue.

Point Of Contact

From time to time, things will go awry.

Links will break, or you’ll be confused as to why last month’s sales report appears to be upside down.

That’s when you’ll need the assistance of a dedicated affiliate manager.

Affiliate networks have a little advantage in this area because you can rely on their support team as well as the affiliate manager for any program-related questions.

Keep in mind that affiliate managers are similar to face-to-face managers in that some are excellent and others are terrible.

Before you sign up for any affiliate program, make sure you know what type of help you’ll get, such as whether you’ll have a dedicated affiliate manager.

“Jack, the IT man, will take care of it,” isn’t the kind of response you want…or should accept.

Commission & Payments

Find out not only how much an affiliate program will pay you, but also when you will receive payment.

The majority of affiliate programs are Net 30, but there are a few that are Net 60 and even Net 90.

In plain English, this says that most affiliates are paid 30 days after a sale, while some are not paid for 90 days.

That’s a long time to wait for your affiliate money, especially if you’re trying to pay your bills.

Has Products in the Market

Affiliating with a company that sells products is far superior to those that do not. Make sure they own multiple products.

The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Let’s look at the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, the ones that will provide you the best possibility of making money online with your new venture.

1. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate Program

First and foremost, I’d want to discuss my top pick, Fiverr.

Fiverr is the best overall affiliate program.

While I cover a variety of affiliate categories in this article, there is one affiliate marketing program that covers everything and is the most straightforward to promote.

Fiverr is the affiliate program in question.

If you ask a number of other affiliate marketers, they’ll probably tell you that selling services is far easier than selling actual products.

Simply provide a list of service providers to an audience, and they will take care of the rest.

Fiverr took that fundamental notion and proceeded with it, monetizing the gig economy for services in graphic design, marketing, writing, video and animation, music, programming, business, lifestyle, and sectors, to name a few.

It has the potential to be one of the best paying affiliate programs around. Depending on the category of the service provider you’re promoting, the Fiverr affiliate program pays up to $150 for each referral.

Unlike some other affiliate programs, Fiverr offers a variety of opportunities to make affiliate revenue, including their ‘Learn from Fiverr’ courses, which pay you 30% per sale.

Although this gig site made its name selling digital services like WordPress installations and backlink development, “lifestyle” services like arts and crafts, tarot readings, and even relationship advice are now available.

Oh, and signing up for their affiliate program takes about 30 seconds, all you have to give your name, email address, and password.

Fiverr is comparable to Amazon in terms of digital services.

You may promote the world’s largest marketplace for online services by joining the Fiverr affiliate program. The possibilities are numerous, ranging from logo design and writing to programming, WordPress gigs, and business services.

Affiliates can earn up to $150 CPA for each first-time buyer after pushing these services, or up to $1,000 per sale using their $10 CPA/10 percent rev share hybrid model (service prices go up to $10,000).

Affiliates can now use Fiverr Gig Ads to promote individual gigs directly on their blog articles.

Overall, Fiverr is my top pick for the best affiliate program, with over 250 categories and over 3 million digital services to promote.

As a Fiverr affiliate, you can get started right away.

URL: Fiverr affiliate program

Cost: Free

Type: Merchant

Best for: Any blog with a topic that is directly or remotely related to a Fiverr gig category, though business-style services sell well.

Payment threshold: $100

You get paid: Net of 30days

Pros of being a Fiverr Affiliate

  • Exceptionally user-friendly affiliate interface – In comparison to others, it’s a breath of fresh air.
  • Because Fiverr is the market leader, there is no true competition.
  • New services become available to the market on a regular basis, so you’ll never run out of things to sell.
  • Potential for lucrative $150-per-referral commissions – there’s a lot of money to be made here.

Cons of being a Fiverr Affiliate

  • You are not compensated for sales made to existing clients.
  • Some of the more popular gigs will eventually transfer to their own website, similar to Etsy.

Let’s get started on the entire list now.

2. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate marketing program

If you’ve done any research on affiliate marketing programs for beginners, you’ve probably heard of the Amazon Associates program. When it comes to earning money through this monetization approach, the Amazon affiliate program is a leader.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos and courses available on how to make a decent living using this network. It’s no wonder that the program is at the top of our list, given its popularity. There are, however, certain things to think about with this program.

One of the most well-known affiliate programs is Amazon Affiliate Program (also known as Amazon Associates Program). And it’s a big one, spanning all of their online products. So if you can discover something on Amazon that you want, you can sell it and earn from it.

There’s something for everyone here, from books to bullhorns, and everything in between.

We send new affiliates to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program first because it’s so simple to use, especially when building your first affiliate link (s).
Many entrepreneurs are now allowing their products to be sold on Amazon. As it turns out, the more Amazon products you have, the more money you’ll make. Affiliates’ potential increases inexorably.

You’ll be redirected to an extended process that generates the associate account once you’ve already set up your affiliate account.

You’ll have to answer a few questions, such as which apps, mobile apps, and websites you’d like to promote. You can utilize your existing blog or website. Then you must decide which categories you want to target, what products you want to sell, and how you want to attract traffic and monetize your website.

Security verification is the last stage. You must give Amazon your phone number and wait for them to contact you. Finally, set up your payment and tax information to ensure that you are paid.

Congratulations on finishing all of the steps! You’ve been accepted as an Amazon affiliate! You can search for products in your niche using the terms you’ve entered. Manually browse products by selecting the top right tab.

Click the yellow down arrow on the product you wish to advertise when you’ve found it. This will provide you with the URL to use in your marketing. You can shorten Amazon’s long URLs. Shorter linkages appear to be more practical and less perplexing.

URL: Amazon Associates Program

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

You get paid: Net of 60 days

Payment threshold: $10

Best for: Affiliate marketing beginners who are interested in building their first site

Pros of being an Amazon Associates Affiliate

This affiliate program is the world’s largest and oldest, which says a lot. Because Amazon has such a well-known affiliate program, you can rest assured that you’ll have a solid basis to build on.

When reading Amazon affiliate program reviews, you’ll note that the program’s commission structures have just been updated. While some businesses that relied primarily on this source of income were hit hard, those who had diversified their revenue streams were less affected. The best feature about this program is that it pays you on schedule every time (usually 30 days after the purchase).

It’s also worth mentioning how simple this program is to use. It’s ideal for individuals who want to get started right away because it’s one of the easiest programs to navigate and integrate into an existing business. The variety of products available through the Amazon program can’t be surpassed, no matter what area you’re interested in. With so many different products to choose from, the Amazon affiliate program is a top place to start for beginners, and if you start to rank, you may switch your links to higher earning offerings.

  • Amazon is a well-known international company, with 385 million products for Amazon Associates to advertise.
  • They put a lot of emphasis on customer service, which you benefit from.
  • It’s really simple to create and maintain links.
  • Affiliate dashboard that is simple to utilize

Cons of being an Amazon Associates Affiliate

Aside from the unclear commission updates, one disadvantage of this program is that Amazon has severe terms of service clause that you must adhere to.

If you look through Amazon affiliate reviews, you’ll see that some affiliates have been flagged for unknown reasons for violating the rules of service.

Although these concerns can typically be rectified with a little effort, they are worth noting and keeping in mind as an additional nuance to the program.

The Amazon affiliate program pays out significantly less than some of the other programs on our list due to its massive size and number of affiliates.

With the recent changes to affiliate commission rates, you should examine if this program will help you achieve your business objectives on its own.

Another issue with the Amazon program that many affiliates have is that the cookie duration is significantly shorter (usually 24 hours), which is the tracking code required to verify if someone who clicked on your link made it all the way to the checkout window.

Another disadvantage of this program is that you will not be assigned an actual affiliate manager to assist you should any problems arise. Many affiliates have complained about how difficult it is to receive clear answers from anyone in this program, and that problems take a long time to resolve.

As a result, we always recommend that you diversify your revenue sources as much as possible. You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, and if your business is primarily based on Amazon affiliate revenue, you should diversify.

Many affiliates who come to our marketplace are overly reliant on Amazon, and while this program is fantastic for the sheer number of products you may customize to match your needs, you should always try to diversify.

3. CJ – Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Commission Junction is a massive affiliate network that partners with businesses and promotes their products all over the world. It has a track record of being a wonderful alternative for individuals just starting out in the affiliate industry, with over 20 years of expertise.

CJ Affiliate differs from Amazon in that it focuses on huge brand names as well as smaller product and service providers.

As a result, they currently represent massive firms such as Zappos, Walgreens, Verizon, Under Armour, Trip Advisor, Staples, Sonos, Disney Shops, Sears, and Samsung.

In addition, there are approximately 2,473 other affiliate marketing programs.

You get all the tools successful affiliate marketers need, from exceptional support to simple affiliate link creation, in addition to a wide selection of brands and products.

But it’s the data on the CJ Affiliate network that I really like — I can tell right away if an affiliate program is profitable or not.

That’ll save you a lot of time.

Because there’s no guesswork involved, you can plan out exactly which affiliate programs you’ll promote and how much money you can anticipate making per sale.

And when you look at what they have to offer, that claim appears to be fairly accurate. Here’s a sampling of the many specialties available on their site, not to mention the all-encompassing ‘other’ category:

Commission Junction Affiliate Program

With a reputation like that, it’s easy to understand why it should be on the top of your list of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

But you’ll have to sign up first to find out if it’ll work for you. And, as with other programs, it’s a rather straightforward process that may begin on the homepage.

URL: Commission Junction

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net of 30 days

Pros of being a Commission Junction Affiliate Program

If you’re just getting started, this affiliate program is ideal because it’s been around for a long time and provides a solid platform to build on. You should absolutely explore this network if it fits your company goals, with so many brands and enterprises to connect with and start marketing products within your area.

The CJ user interface has had mixed reviews, with some stating it’s very user-friendly and others saying it’s difficult to get used to. When you’re just starting out as a beginner, these are some of the most prevalent disadvantages of using this network.

  • It has a good track record and is regarded as one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.
  • Has a large number of well-known merchants.
  • Enhances your ability to earn and grow
  • Promotional strategy that is adaptable

Cons of being a Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Every brand and firm in the CJ affiliate network has its own set of conditions for being admitted into their program. Unlike Amazon’s program, CJ does not provide you with complete freedom to promote any and all products without prior permission.

Some merchant brands and businesses may provide immediate access, while others may take weeks or months to respond. When you initially start out, this can be really irritating because you may have already put in a lot of effort to get your content up to specialized standards.

Another disadvantage of this affiliate program is that many of the brands and businesses seeking affiliates will come and go. Even some of the most well-known brands frequently vanish from the program without warning, which can be extremely inconvenient.

Others have expressed their dissatisfaction with how difficult it was to reach customer service about issues like canceled accounts with no explanation. While this program has a lot of promise, especially for those who create relationships with affiliate brands and firms in the network, as a beginner, you should be aware of the disadvantages.

4. Impact Affiliate Program

Impact Affiliate Program
Impact Affiliate Program

Despite its claims to the contrary, Impact affiliate program is just another large affiliate marketing network, but one that isn’t as old as ClickBank and ShareASale.

Impact is another wonderful affiliate program to consider when first starting out in affiliate marketing, since it leads the way in dashboard functionality and user interface (UI). This program is ideal for people who need additional performance metrics to help them make business decisions, as it has an intuitive interface with extensive performance tracking and reporting.

However, because age is just a number, Impact’s relative youth should not deter you from signing up. Commission Junction was founded by its creators, so they certainly know what they’re doing!

Impact, like the other major networks, features a slew of well-known brands, including Adidas, Airbnb, and HSBC. At the time of writing, the platform was being used by 2,517 businesses to reach new consumers, with new advertisers joining the network all the time.

Impact’s user interface is a lot slicker than other affiliate networks, which makes sense as one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

However, this isn’t just about looks; it also includes several useful, user-friendly functions.

The “brands to work with instantly” feature, which includes all the advertisers who give instant approvals, is one of my favorites. It’s an excellent tool that allows new affiliate marketers to get up and running quickly.


Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Best for: Affiliate marketers looking for programs offering instant approvals

Payment threshold: Varies by payment method

You get paid: Monthly

Pros of being a Impact Affiliate Program

This affiliate program has over 1,000 brands in a wide range of sectors, so you’re sure to find something that fits your target demographic. It’s no surprise that so many affiliates praise this program for having one of the best user interfaces and reporting dashboards.

Because of the help, it provides to each and every person within its program, Impact’s customer service is known to be excellent for both beginners and seasoned affiliates.

Your support requests are accompanied with helpful information and thorough “How-to” articles, making you feel like the program genuinely cares about your success. The fact that many brands will accept you into their program in a short period of time is another feature that sets Impact apart from the competition.

This could be due to the fact that this program is a little more tough to get into at first, so let’s go over some of the things that could slow you down.

Cons of being a Impact Affiliate Program

As previously said, the Impact affiliate program is not as simple to join as the other choices we’ve discussed. Depending on how you look at it, this can be both beneficial and negative. Because many brands will opt to accept you into their program sooner if you meet the additional application standards, you may find this advantageous depending on your long-term objectives.

Because of the additional functionality within the dashboard, several people have complained about the learning curve to pick up this program. Because this affiliate network offers so much flexibility, some users have reported a few glitches and other backend difficulties that you should be aware of before making your decision.

5. ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale Affiliate Program
ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated affiliate networks out today.

Part of this is due to the fact that the UI seems like it was designed in 2002 and hasn’t changed since I first signed up for my account many years ago.

Some new affiliate marketers are put off by the absence of a “Wow” factor.

But, my friends, ShareASale has some of the best affiliate programs in the industry. Some companies pay between $300 and $350 each sale. And no, those affiliate programs have nothing to do with…umm…”enlargement” products or anything similar.

In fact, they represent over 5,000 distinct affiliate programs, with a concentration on smaller but profitable businesses rather than well-known brands.

The affiliate marketing dashboard is simple but functional, and simplicity may be a good thing in some cases.

You should really consider joining ShareASale, one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

URL: ShareASale

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 30days

Best for: An affiliate marketer on the lookout for new brands or off-the-beaten-path products and services.

Pros of being a ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale has been around for a while, and it now has over 1,000 active merchants on its platform. It covers everything from e-commerce to software, giving you a considerably wider range of options from which to pick.

The application process for ShareASale is also incredibly simple and straightforward, making it simple for beginners to capitalize on this momentum. Metrics like average sales, conversion rates, and earnings per click (EPC) are displayed, although they might be difficult to comprehend at times.

  • Thousands of products and services to promote Smaller, less well-known, but extremely lucrative affiliate programs
  • The “Search for Merchants” feature, for example, is considered superior to Commission Junction.
  • The ‘PowerRank’ metric on ShareASale shows you where an affiliate program ranks in the top 1000.
  • You do not need to wait months for payment.

Cons of being a ShareASale Affiliate Program

As previously said, the portal interface is old, making it difficult to browse through the dashboard and interpret the offered metrics. Because the UI has gotten a lot of flak for being difficult to use, it might be difficult to form relationships with possible partners, which isn’t going to help you grow as a beginner.

6. ClickBank Affiliate Program

Clickbank Affiliate Program
Clickbank Affiliate Program

The ClickBank affiliate program is another “grandparent” affiliate network, having been online since 1998.

And it’s a true rags-to-riches business story – one that began with a group of pals in a garage and grew into a company with annual revenues of US$3 billion.

While every other affiliate program was attempting to figure out how to distribute items while still making a profit, the ClickBank team turned the concept on its head by focusing on digital products instead.

This meant immediate delivery, minimal costs, and the freedom to deal directly with creators. And, despite the fact that they could never have predicted the existence of social media, their products are well suited to those audiences.

All of their products are available on the ClickBank Marketplace, although they do now provide some physical products as well.

The Marketplace interface is usable, but it appears to have been unchanged since 1998. It’s a little niggle, but the place is in desperate need of a makeover.

ClickBank is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, with a wide range of products and merchants.

To become a ClickBank affiliate and earn money, you must first create an account. You’ll need to provide personal information as well as payment details. You’re ready to proceed once you’ve added the relevant information.

You will also be required to complete surveys by ClickBank. They’ll use the findings of the survey to improve the affiliate experience.

There will be fast guides for you as a ClickBank affiliate beginner. You’ll have access to a large database. This will enable you to gain a better understanding of ClickBank.

Visit the marketplace to find the products you want to promote. You can use this page to look for products to advertise. Also, take a look at some of the ClickBank-recommended products to advertise.

The average commission per sale is offered to you. The products you want are promoted by a breakdown of product niches and various merchant website connections.

You want to market as soon as you get into the product. The following steps are straightforward. Copy and paste the URL supplied after clicking the “Promote” button on the website.

Include this link in your marketing materials. A commission will be paid to you if a user clicks through and purchases the product.

In comparison to other affiliate programs, ClickBank pays a greater commission.

URL: ClickBank Affiliate Program

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Best for: Marketers who prefer promoting digital products

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 60days

Pros of being a Clickbank Affiliate Program

ClickBank is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners because you don’t need a merchant’s permission to start promoting their offer. Some merchants may ask for certain items before approving your application, however this is uncommon. For individuals wishing to construct an automated system to obtain conversions and ultimately revenue, many of the products on this network include recurring commissions.

It’s also worth noting that the ClickBank affiliate network has a reputation for paying out generously and on promptly. Most of the merchants on the dashboard will also give you with a lot of marketing material and page copy, such as presale pages, product photos, and brand logo designs. All of this promotional material can assist you in presenting your offer in a trustworthy manner while also assisting you in increasing conversions. The ClickBank affiliate program is undoubtedly one of the best options for newcomers to affiliate marketing, but there are a few things to consider if you join this network.

  • There are numerous products to pick from.
  • Increased commissions
  • Encourages commissions to be paid on a regular basis.
  • Link creation is basic and straightforward.
  • You may study for free with these resources.

Cons of being a Clickbank Affiliate Program

The most significant disadvantage of ClickBank is that it has grown in popularity over time, resulting in severe rivalry for these products.

Because of ClickBank’s high approval rates and lack of quality control, it may appear that the most “obvious” money-making products are already oversaturated with other affiliates.

Another disadvantage is that this network’s return rates are substantially greater than those of some of the other programs on our list.

The ClickBank interface is also considered antiquated, and it provides less performance tracking information than some of the other choices discussed.

The offerings on ClickBank’s network appear to be older, too, and are interlaced with an archaic interface. For many of these businesses, the strategy has been to prioritize high-pressure direct sales copywriting above well-designed photographic material.

As a result, many first-time affiliates may be hesitant to adopt this high-pressure sales tactic. The fact that so many other affiliates join every day and promote the exact same products within their niche explains a lot of this.

7. Sendinblue Affiliate Program

Sendinblue affiliate program
Sendinblue affiliate program

With a specialized CRM, email marketing tools, landing page builder, and more, the Sendinblue affiliate program can help you boost your marketing and sales.

Affiliates are compensated for both leads and sales through their affiliate program. For example, if you suggest a free user to Sendinblue, you will receive 5€, and you will receive an additional 100€ for each paying customer. Payments are made fast and reliably via PayPal or bank transfer, based on my experience with them.

They have a 90-day cookie duration and Tapfiliate provides real-time tracking. Conversion rates from click-to-lead and lead-to-sale are high because they’re a well-known marketing platform.

Overall, promoting Sendinblue affiliate program is one of the top best affiliate marketing programs for beginners if you’re writing to an audience in need of a comprehensive range of marketing tools.

URL: Sendinblue affiliate program

Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Best for: Marketers who prefer promoting digital products

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 90days

8. Refersion Marketplace

Refersion Marketplace affiliate program
Refersion Marketplace affiliate program

Refersion is an affiliate network that I recently discovered.

And the fact that they’ve just been around since 2015 is why I’d never heard of them before. However, they have managed to sign up 17,000 advertisers in that period.

In a business where rival networks struggle to sign even a few hundred merchants, this is no small achievement.

Basically, the Refersion Marketplace makes up for its lack of flair with its vast number of advertising.

New affiliate marketers who are having problems getting accepted on other networks would benefit the most from this platform.

URL: Refersion Marketplace

Cost: Free

Type: CPS

Payment options: PayPal

Payment threshold: Dependant on advertiser

You get paid: Dependant on advertiser

Summary: 7 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Take some time to learn more about some of the best affiliate programs for beginners now that you’ve learned a little more about them. It may take some time to choose the right affiliate program and brand for your niche, but it will be worthwhile.

Don’t limit yourself to the affiliate programs discussed in this chapter. There are a plethora of high-paying affiliate programs available that can still be quite profitable. Just make sure you do your research and stay away from any potential scams. That concludes our comprehensive guide to the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

We tried to cover as much territory as possible here, and hopefully, you now have enough affiliate program options to choose from.

In summary, here are the top 7 affiliate programs for beginners:

  1. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  3. CJ-Commission Junction Affiliate Program
  4. Impact Affiliate Program
  5. ShareASale Affiliate Program
  6. ClickBank Affiliate Program
  7. Sendinblue Affiliate Program
  8. Refersion Marketplace

You’ll have completed your affiliate marketing journey after you’ve chosen an affiliate marketing program. You’ll have your dream side hustle, which could lead you to new heights in the future.

The best part is that if you already have some traffic, you might start receiving passive revenue from your visitors as soon as tomorrow…with some payments arriving within the next 30 days.

Were you previously aware of these affiliate marketing programs? How would you describe your strategy? Leave a comment below to let us know. Join other affiliate marketers to increase your knowledge, whether you are a beginner, an expert in affiliate marketing, or freelancing on our Telegram channel, we share tips and also assist in growing your interest.

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