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Do you want to recruit affiliates to promote your company? Or earn more with the affiliates that you have? Then this article is for you.

If you want to promote products and earn money as an affiliate, then I refer you to this page.

In this article, I share 6 tips to help you earn more with affiliate marketing recruitment.


Why would you want to earn money with affiliate marketing recruitment?

If you have the good affiliates for you, you will receive extra merits and customers on the automatic pilot.

The good affiliates will find ways to recruit customers in places that you would not have thought of, or where you have never arrived.

Of course, raising and maintaining affiliate’s time, but if you have a business that lends itself to it, you will get a lot more than you put in it.

Why wouldn’t you want to earn money with affiliate marketing?

There are also reasons why you wouldn’t want to start affiliate marketing recruitment.

Or would not want to spend too much time.

In many cases, affiliates are amateurs who can do little to your company.

Coaching and stimulating these affiliates is often thrown away energy.

If they are very amateurish, you may not want to be associated with them.

The biggest negatives are therefore possible timewashing and possible negative associations

My way: just go for the low price product

The low price product is usually the best fruit for affiliate marketing recruitment.

The low price product are the striking professionals present in your market.

Websites that go on relevant topics you know how to find the fastest and convince the fastest.

You can also see from these parties in advance if they are professional, so you don’t waste them so quickly.

In addition, you can see if they are active and therefore possibly want to roll up your sleeves to promote you.

Personal and focused

Focus on what works, who gives you something, and make it personal.

We have tried many affiliate marketing recruitment methods about our dozens of websites and we noticed that 5% of our affiliates generated 90% of our affiliate revenue.

You focus on this 5%.

How do you know if your business is suitable for affiliate marketing recruitment?

Do you have a business where you can give an interesting committee? Or have competitive companies a much better deal for affiliates?

In that case it will be difficult to transfer affiliates to promote you.

In the event that someone else is much more profitable, then affiliates will give you a less striking place on their website.

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It is also possible that you have so many competing companies that affiliates are not through their lower profit margin and limited capacities.

Affiliates are often simple businesses and no large companies.

Tip 1: Passive for affiliates

You can yield actively or passively affiliates.

Passive can in two ways:

Place a link on your website (often in the footer, at the bottom of the bottom) to a page on your website. Here you tell people to earn money by promoting your product or service, tell how much they can earn, tell how you can help them, and give tools & instructions to start.

This is an example of such a page. You could use the same structure with other texts if that more fits your market.

By putting yourself on affiliate websites and networks

There are different affiliate networks to set yourself up. These are the places where affiliates can register to promote you.

Usually these websites have lists per category of potential to promote companies.

If you stand here, there is a chance that an affiliate chooses you to promote. This can be because he happens to be interested in your market, or believes that there is good money to earn.

2 Popular examples of these types of networks are Zanox and Daisycon. But there are also affiliate networks for specific niches. This may be better for you.

Anyway, below is an example of an affiliate overview:

Well you would have a hard time at Zanox to be above Zalando, Ziggo or Telfort. But if people are searching specifically in the direction of your business you can probably appear.

Finally, you can place your affiliate program on affiliate forums.

If you have done these steps, you could get passive affiliates every now and then.

You have done these tasks fairly quickly and then (almost) no more worshiped.

Tip 2: Search and contact your affiliates

Self-active search and contacting of affiliates usually works better than the passive way.

But it does cost more work.

Contacting yourself Affiliates works fairly easily. It takes less than a day time:

Go to Google and search for terms that would tap you potential customers.

Write a standard message that you can almost completely copy and paste to request these websites or are open to a collaboration

Send this message to websites where you have a chance that they want it. Chances are that you get few responses and interest.

But that doesn’t matter, because one affiliate who wants to promote your years can already produce a whole hope.

You can also approach advertisers or competitors, the opportunity is smaller that they want to work with you.

Tip 3: make your affiliate program as attractive as possible

Research on honest sharing

There was a study in Africa in which 2 different men were on a table.

Man 1 got 100 dollars.

He got the assignment to divide this with the man who sat at the table with him.

He could divide this in the relationship he wanted.

Man 2 could determine if they were allowed to keep the money in the division that man had made, or he could determine that they couldn’t keep anything at all.

The research shows that man 2 in most cases chooses an unfair distribution to prefer nothing, then get an unfair amount.

With an unfair amount, man 1 had offered for example to give $ 35 and hold $ 65.

This research has been done among many people.

You may understand what I want to say: divide honestly or divide the earnings for the benefit of the affiliate.

It is also very similar to your business. For services where you can still lose a lot of time in practice per customer, the affiliate may expect less commission.

If you sell a digital product where there are no expenses or hours of delivery, you can make the Commission higher.

If your competitors have an affiliate program then you can turn out what a usual committee can be, I do not consider it under the Commission of your competitors.

In addition to the standard entry committee, there are other ways to promote you attractive:

  • Make sure you have a high conversion and many people who come to buy on your website
  • Make sure your potential affiliates know your name and know that your quality delivers
  • Bid your affiliates next to the Commission something “extras”
  • Also offer committee on the second and other sales
  • Offer tools and help
  • Once you have a better deal than your competitor, you can contact their affiliates and convince you to promote.

Tip 4: Build a relationship with the affiliate

If you have affiliates, make sure you love them.

Beyond to ensure that your company runs well and you pay your affiliates well, a good relationship can help.

So make contact with your affiliates and get to know them. Talk to them and bell occasionally.

If they know you and they may then have the chance to promote you.

In addition, contact is also useful so that you can see if you can help them somewhere.

I do recommend this only with affiliates that actually produce something or whose opportunity you estimate that they can produce something.

It would be very sin if you spend your time at lunches and phone calls with affiliates that ultimately do nothing.

Tip 5: provide personal tips to the affiliate

If you are in contact with your affiliates make sure you give them the tools and help to perform as well as possible.

Do you have a new inspiration or tool that you know that your affiliate can increase your turnover? Share this.

Test as much as possible on your website to increase your conversion. If you know how you can sell more from your visitors yourself, you can pass this information to your affiliates. Maybe this info may also help them.

These tips are related to TIP 3, because this tip ensures that you build a relationship with your affiliate and “friends”. Who would stop promoting a friend?

Tip 6: If the parties do not want to propose any affiliate construction

People often find an affiliate construction a “scary” construction. They don’t have enough trust in the fact they receive money per sale or lead.

It would not be a sin to enter into a partnership with these parties.

If people say no you can ask if they find another way of cooperation interesting.

They may be willing to offer advertising spots or to use a different construction of payment.

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